How to use digital signage correctly?

How to maximize the benefits of digital signage? 1. Content is the most important: No matter how advanced the technology is, digital signage will not succeed if the content is bad. The content should be clear and concise. Of course, if a customer sees an advertisement for Charmin tissues while

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Three key points for adopting digital signage

Recently, the frequency of use of digital signage in enterprises and organizations is on the rise. So, what is the reason? First of all, digital signage related technologies are constantly evolving and improving, which makes digital signage more practical. But sometimes, there are many factors that affect the usage rate of digital signage.

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DNR DISLAY’s new retail Stretched Bar LCD Display makes the store “live”!

With the huge market size and rapid growth rate, the new retail industry has become the next "track" of retail stores, becoming a more popular shopping scene and consumption path for people. Combine the needs of consumers with the supply of back-end manufacturers and connect them through digital media, so

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12 suggestions for making digital signage content stand out

Do you know how to use digital signage effectively? The answer seems to be simple: show eye-catching and interesting content, but it is not easy to do so. The following are 12 valuable reference suggestions: 12 suggestions for making digital signage content stand out: 1. Page duration 10-20 seconds is

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