Shelf Edge LCD Display is a new force in the digital retail era, Shelf Edge LCD Display is a perfect substitute for traditional paper price tags. Today, It complements ESLs and becomes an indispensable part of the digital retail network.

Nowadays, supermarket retail is a must-have industry in global cities, involving people’s livelihood. Looking at the many traditional paper signs on the shelves in the supermarket, the description of the goods, the details, and the barcode. Each time you change or adjust the goods, you need to reprint the barcode of the goods. The workload is heavy, cumbersome, and a waste of labor and time. Shelf Edge Display solves this kind of tedious work and frees up more labor and time. It can display product details, dynamic and gorgeous video animations, and stimulate consumers to buy more. At the same time, it also played a role in advertising.

Its characteristics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intelligent remote cloud control
  • 2K&4K resolution display
  • Special display ratio
  • Ultra-thin, ultra-long, ultra-light and ultra-narrow design, easy to use and beautiful Details
  • With the function of automatically eliminating the residual image to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen
  • With the adaptive function of black level extension to enhance the image depth and layering
  • Professional-level LCD screen, the video image is brighter and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger
  • 16.7M Color, the picture is more natural, the delicate picture is truly free of tailing
  • With intelligent temperature control, environmental protection, high mute reliability, good stability, especially suitable for working in harsh environments
  • Product performance is stable, support 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, can Up to 50,000 hours or more

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