POP & POS display

Clear, easy-to-understand, and strategic solutions can help guide consumers to make purchases.

Challenges facing the POP & POS display

  • Serious product homogeneity, lack of innovation;

  • Industry competition is fierce, and product competitiveness is not enough;

  • The product lacks interactive experience, resulting in poor adhesion between the brand and consumers;

  • Difficult to attract customers’ attention;

  • Product information update lagging;

  • Lack of more profitability;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • Use our diverse digital signage (from 8 inches to 88 inches), combined with cloud service CMS software, to achieve digital upgrades;

  • By combining Stretched bar displays and Shelf edge displays, it replaces traditional POP/POS display stands and enhances product competitiveness.;

  • P-CAP and In-Cell touch screens help customers understand the information they want and put forward their own opinions, and enhance interactivity.

  • The UHD dynamic display of digital signage can grab attention more quickly;

  • Product information can be updated in seconds through digital signage.

  • In addition to the products in the store, there are additional advertising revenues that can be created through digital signage;


Attract customers' attention
Advertising revenue
Increase product interactivity
Improve customer loyalty
Rich product form
Real-time update of information

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