Cars will no longer be a simple means of transportation. The future will be the world of intelligent networked cars. Cars will develop into a hardware platform equipped with multiple sets of regularly updated and high-speed operating software.

Challenges facing the automotive industry

  • The lack of innovation of high-end brands;

  • Fierce competition for low- and mid-range brands;

  • The traditional automobile industry is facing the competition of new energy electric vehicles;

  • The popularization of the Internet of Vehicles;

  • High cost of upgrading car models;

  • People’s requirements for driving experience are becoming more and more demanding;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • A variety of high-end LCD digital displays can provide support for the innovation of high-end brands to a certain extent.

  • The key to the competition between low- and mid-range brands lies in differentiation. The visual empowerment of special LCD displays can quickly create differentiation and brand labels.

  • The degree of digitization of new energy vehicles is much higher than that of traditional cars, and smart LCD digital displays can help traditional cars approach new energy vehicles in terms of digitization.

  • Both Carplay and Carlife need a better LCD screen to become the terminal carrier, and our 2K resolution Bar-Type LCD Display is the best choice.

  • By changing the LCD digital instrument panel, the interior can be updated with minimal cost.

  • The use of a larger digital display LCD screen as the central control screen and instrument panel, together with sensors, can assist in improving the driver’s driving experience.


Help brand promotion
Empower intelligence
Improve driving experience
Empowering digitization
Provide design support
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