Furniture & Design

Digital signage makes your design more creative and competitive!

Challenges facing the furniture & design

  • Over-Designing and Plagiarism Issues;

  • Budget constraints;

  • The trend of customer choice is constantly changing;

  • Low level of digitization

  • Cost issues brought about by customization;

  • Lack of App-Ecosystem;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • Through the empowerment of smart digital signage, can help simplify the design while increasing product thresholds and alleviating plagiarism problems.

  • Embedded with cost-effective LCD digital signage can help achieve a balance between cost and innovation.

  • One of the greatest feature of digital signage is its rich variability, which can bring customers a different experience through changes in LCD screen content.

  • Smart digital signage can help quickly improve the competitiveness of product design and even realize the Internet of Things.

  • Using LCD digital displays to enable product customization, allowing customers to achieve part of their customized needs through digital signage without incurring additional costs.

  • Lack of interaction and humanized design for end customers, digital signage can help outdated, boring traditional furniture or design intelligence, making products and designs more innovative and increasing customer satisfaction.


Increase product selling point
Enhance the shopping experience
Empower digitization
Save customization cost
Rich design methods
Humanized design


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