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Today, as the most deeply involved fields of people’s daily lives, hotels and restaurants are gradually showing the trend of intelligence and digitalization to cope with complex market changes and challenges.

Challenges facing the restaurant & hotel

  • It is difficult to attract the attention of customers and affect the flow of customers;

  • The in-store consumption experience needs to be improved;

  • Operational efficiency needs to be improved;

  • Public safety issues brought by COVID19;

  • Advertising marketing is difficult, and online advertising has limited stimulation of consumers’ desire to consume;

  • The promotion of brand image;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • The intelligent digital menu board can instantly display high-definition and attractive product pictures to attract customers. The huge LCD Video wall can help the hotel to be handier when hosting large-scale events, with a special shape Square displays make your restaurant more distinctive.

  • The traditional menu lacks interactivity and immediacy, which prevents customers from understanding more detailed product and service details. Interactive digital signage allows customers to explore products and services on the touch screen, which improves customers Experience.

  • Display product information and promotion discount information through the digital menu board to help customers choose products and services. You can also allow customers to order self-service through P-CAP Self Service Kiosk, which reduces the restaurant’s requirements for the number of employees and increases customer points Meal efficiency and store operation efficiency. At the same time, the waste of paper caused by the order is reduced to a certain extent.

  • Through our Face Recognition Thermometer Display with the access control system, consumers can be identified without any personnel, such as race, gender, body temperature, and other indicators, ensuring public health safety without affecting customers flow.

  • Online advertising cannot guarantee that people’s desire to consume can be efficiently transformed into consumer behavior. This will affect ROI to a certain extent, and advertising on digital signage near restaurants/hotels can quickly attract customers to shop for consumption. At the same time, digital signage will also provide consumers with accurate directions to the restaurant/hotel.

  • Digital display products such as PCAP Self Service Kiosk and digital menu can help promote brand image in the restaurant/hotel.


Increase customers flow
Improve operational efficiency
Paperless operation
Enhance the consumer experience
Enhance brand image
Public health safety


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