How can retailers and brands deal with the challenges that come in the post-epidemic era?

Challenges facing the retail industry

  • Loss of traffic caused by customers unfamiliar with the store and mall environment

  • Low store operation efficiency & Commodity information management lags behind

  • Poor interaction between brand and customers, passive sales

  • Reliance on the traditional printing industry has resulted in a large amount of waste paper, which affects the environment.

  • Traditional store image, poor customer experience

  • Store operating costs remain high and there is a single profit method.

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • Use floor-standing digital signage to display shopping maps as guide signs;

  • Use the shelf edge display to connect the shelves in the store to the IoT, and combine with CMS software to remotely manage and update product information in real time;

  • Use our P-CAP and In-Cell touch screen technology to let customers participate in the interactive process of exploring products;

  • The digital display of the digital signage and shelf edge displays are all paperless operations, which simplifies operations, reduces labor costs, and avoids paper waste.

  • Digital signage combined with our RFID technology can automatically display product information when the customer picks up a product, which greatly improves the customer’s shopping experience;

  • Integrating smart sensors and AI algorithms into digital signage enables smart digital signage to act as a shopping guide, save labor costs, and achieve precision marketing and obtain advertising revenue.


Increase store traffic
Improve store efficiency
Improve store image
Improve shopping experience
Environmentally friendly
Save costs and generate revenue

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