Bank & Hospital

Digital signage displays are changing the way banks communicate with customers, hospitals, and patients. Digitization and intelligence have become the latest trend.

Challenges facing the bank & hospital

  • How can banks maintain better contact with customers? How do hospitals and people ensure good communication?

  • How does the bank use the window position to attract more customers? How does the hospital make full use of the ceiling space for customers to maintain efficient interaction?

  • How can banks and hospitals create a relaxed atmosphere for people?

  • For banks and hospitals, how to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information dissemination?

  • The efficiency of the banking and hospital systems needs to be improved, including external services and internal training;

  • How to create more profitable ways?

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • Banks have always relied on phone calls to follow up with their customers, and communication between people and hospital doctors is also very limited. Now it is possible to deploy more interactive kiosks combined with interactive applications in the lobby of banks or hospitals to let people learn more about what they want to know. And banks or hospitals can also receive people’s feedback and behavior analysis in the background.

  • Installing digital signage in the window position to display the bank’s latest preferential business in real-time can help the bank attract more customers. Installing a Double-sided Strip Bar Display on the top of the hospital allows customers to find their way and obtain information more efficiently.

  • By installing wall-mounted digital signage in the office window and waiting room, you can display queuing information, and play advertisements or interesting content to create a more relaxed atmosphere for people.

  • By deploying floor standing digital signage, Videowall, and Stretched bar display, combined with CMS software to update the information instantly, so that people can always get the latest and most accurate information.

  • Through the interactive digital kiosk to cooperate with the internal system of the hospital or bank, part of the simple business is distributed to the interactive digital kiosk, so that people can complete simple matters through the interactive digital kiosk, which improves the operational efficiency. At the same time, this method is also suitable for internal staff training.

  • Through the deployed digital signage products, the advertising strategy can be realized and more profit points can be created especially the advertising business around the industry, such as the advertising of medicines or health products in hospitals, and the advertising of financial wealth management products in banks.


Increase bank customer traffic
Improve hospital service quality
Bring more convenience to people
Enriched profit methods
Improve operational efficiency
Promote industry intelligence


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