LCD digital signage has a wide range of application scenarios

LCD digital signage products have become an important carrier for digital upgrades in all industries. From digital display to interactive experience to AIoT, digital signage is everywhere.

The industries involved include but are not limited to: retail, military, medical, aerospace, instrumentation, entertainment, industry, agriculture, machinery and equipment, transportation, consumer electronics, furniture, education, finance, etc.


Facing the increasingly competitive retail market, how to improve customer experience and operational efficiency has become an important issue faced by every retailer.
And how can physical stores in the post-epidemic era better respond to the impact of online shop?

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In the public transportation industry, there is huge offline traffic and huge conversion value. How can all of this be achieved through digital signage?
And how does digital signage simultaneously improve people’s travel experience and city image in this process?

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The gaming displays have been an important part of the “human-computer interaction” between players and gaming equipment. How does special digital signage/stretched bar LCD display empower gaming equipment manufacturers to help enhance their gaming equipment experience?

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Furniture & Design

Today, the development of both commercial furniture design and home furniture design has gradually become intelligent to improve product differentiation and increase product selling points. In this process, how does digital signage play an important role and become widely welcomed?

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POP & POS display

The serious issues of homogeneity have always existed in the POP/POS display industry. But smart digital signage can greatly enhance the competitiveness of POP/POS displays. It can be digitalized and intelligent by embedding Stretched bar LCD display or a Shelf edge LCD display.

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With the popularity of the Internet of Vehicles and smart electric vehicle brands in the market in recent years, the automotive industry is undergoing an industrial revolution. Why has the on-board Stretched bar LCD displays become one of the most indispensable parts of this revolution?

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Marketing & Advertising

With the popularity of social platforms such as live broadcasts and small videos, online marketing has become the most popular marketing method. In the post-epidemic era, how can offline marketing be upgraded and transformed through digital signage?

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Restaurant & Hotel

In today’s faster and faster pace of life, how can restaurants/QSR attract customers’ attention and stimulate consumer desire through LCD digital signage as a digital menu board? How can hotels use LCD digital signage/LCD video walls to increase passenger flow and improve customer extension rates?

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Bank & Hospital

Hospitals and banks are the places most frequently visited by people in daily life. How to provide people with fast and accurate information is the key to determining their operational efficiency. How does the LCD digital signage improve the operation efficiency and service quality of the place?

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