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How to maximize the effect of one’s own advertising so as to be ahead of competitors and intercept competitors’ customers? Appearing your own advertisements under competitors’ products, constantly showing the advantages of your products, and guiding this part of the accurate crowd to make decisions is one of the ways to make you ahead of your competitors.

Challenges facing the Marketing & Advertising

  • Ever-Increasing advertising and marketing costs;

  • The share of offline advertising and marketing is facing the squeeze of online digital marketing;

  • Online digital marketing faces the restrictions of evolving privacy regulations, which greatly affect the accuracy of marketing (for example, Apple announced changes to iOS 14 to increase user privacy);

  • Online digital marketing is facing the challenge of Ad blockers;

  • The difficulty of improving the ROI of industry brands affected by COVID-19;

  • Creating engaging content & Elusive Audience;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • The high cost of advertising and marketing is mainly due to the monopoly of digital marketing by social media giants. Richer and smarter advertising and marketing strategies can help control costs. Through online digital advertising, combined with digital signage to achieve low cost of offline digital advertising can optimize marketing methods and control costs. Brands can even purchase and lease digital signage by themselves to achieve a one-time investment and an unlimited number of advertisements.

  • The offline advertising industry dominated by the traditional printing industry has almost no advantage except low cost in the face of online digital marketing, and the empowerment of smart digital signage can Help the offline advertising industry to rapidly upgrade so that offline advertising and marketing can be in the same position as online digital marketing in terms of digitalization, intelligence, and precision marketing.

  • The stricter privacy regulations have made online marketing In the following, there will be many difficulties in precision marketing, and digital signage can be combined with smart sensors to accurately analyze offline customer behavior and help precision marketing.

  • For digital signage, it will not face the problem of Ad blockers. The 7* 24-hour workability ensures that every second content of the screen will appear in the eyes of customers.

  • Help establish a precision marketing system by reasonably configuring places for smart digital signage, plus smart AI sensors to enhance customer experience and help establish accurate and effective customer touchpoints. Stimulate customers’ desire to buy, but also reduce the expenditure of invalid advertising and marketing expenses. At the same time, the numbers generated in the background also provide digital support for the next decision of marketers and help optimize marketing strategies.

  • In the field of offline advertising and marketing, only smart digital signage equipped with sensors and AI cameras can understand the content that customers like, so as to help marketers make content that customers like, and can use the cloud CMS software in real-time Update to every digital signage, this is a smart push mechanism similar to TikTok, making customers fall in love with your content.


Reduce marketing costs
Broaden marketing channels
7*24 hours marketing capabilities
Not bound by the platform/ terms
Facilitate precision marketing
Help build quality content


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