Want to attract customers’ visual attention? ? With the help of DNR’s LCD Video wall, you can easily build vivid and fascinating content, which can impress customers even in the most visually stimulating environment. Our solution is designed to spread your message in brilliant colors. It is very suitable for meeting rooms and emergency command centers, halls and experience centers, traffic control rooms and safety centers, stadiums, corporate lobbies, retail environments, transportation hubs, museums, and entertainment centers, restaurants, and hotel venues.

The LCD Video walls is composed of a number of specially designed LCD displays. Unlike the panels used in televisions, these LCD displays have very narrow bezels. This greatly reduces the white space between the panels, making it look more like a large screen.

DNR’s LCD Video wall is designed for long-term use. Take specific measures to prevent aging so that the system can be used for many years in a better state. They work in all-weather mode many times, which means they rarely shut down.

DNR’s LCD Video wall solution always represents strict quality standards. Our product series can be used in different brightness, size and resolution, allowing you to find the ideal LCD Video walls solution.

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