Casino Gaming

In the post-epidemic era, product innovation, better marketing activities, and excellent overall planning are the top priorities.

Challenges facing the casino gaming

  • The player experience is difficult to greatly improve;

  • Government restrictions on advertising in the gaming industry;

  • Industry competition is fierce, and it is facing the impact of online gambling after the outbreak of COVID19;

  • Public health issues in the post-epidemic era;

  • How to change the potential habits of customers and it is difficult to get accurate customer portraits;

  • Brand building;

How does digital signage solve these challenges?

  • Upgrading the gaming device by embedding the LCD touch gaming monitor can greatly improve the player’s gaming experience;

  • Although gambling advertising is restricted in social media and television, digital signage can perfectly complete the task of advertising distribution offline;

  • Interactive LCD game display combined with VR, AI can enhance the interaction between players and game equipment, give players a unique gaming experience, and enhance customer stickiness.

  • Through our AI Facial Recognition Thermometer Display, we can efficiently identify the appearance, body temperature, and other information of the incoming guests at the entrance to ensure the public health safety of the casino;

  • The AI camera embedded in the smart LCD game monitor can analyze and collect data such as the player’s appearance, preferences, habits, age, gender, etc., so that the casino can better understand the player.

  • A large number of high-end digital gaming equipments are the foundation of the brand image. In addition, the advertising and value information dissemination functions of digital signage also contribute to brand promotion.


Ensure public health safety
Enhance the player's gaming experience
Help brand building
Enhance the image of the casino
Establish interaction with the player
Increase advertising revenue

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