Three key points for adopting digital signage

Recently, the frequency of use of digital signage in enterprises and organizations is on the rise. So, what is the reason? First of all, digital signage related technologies are constantly evolving and improving, which makes digital signage more practical. But sometimes, there are many factors that affect the usage rate of digital signage.

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What are the characteristics of the Stretched bar LCD display?

Today, the stretched bar LCD display has become the most popular in digital signage product for commercial advertising. Why the stretched bar LCD display is so popular ? 1. Wide range of applications Bar LCD display has a wide range of applications, including buses, subways, airports, shopping malls, security monitoring

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The future development direction of LCD strip screen

With the advancement and development of science and technology, it promotes the development of the LCD display industry. It is suitable for installation in transportation, supermarkets, retail, finance, real estate, enterprises, hospitals and other venues, bringing unstoppable opportunities to businesses. Give you a brief introduction to the future development direction of the LCD strip

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