Many people think that Wall Mounting Digital Signage is similar to monitors and televisions.
In fact, they are very different. Wall Mounting Digital Signage can publish audio and video, images, text, time, weather, and other content through large-screen terminal display devices. They can also display and displayed on separate screens.

So what is the difference between the wall-mounted advertising machine and ordinary monitors and TVs?

1. Multiple systems:

The LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signage system is generally an Android system and Windows system, with a variety of applications.

The LCD advertising machine can support uploading a variety of image formats, document formats, music formats, and video formats, and it also supports split screens.

There are many ways to play, such as playback, subtitle scrolling, etc., and TV sets are relatively single, which are unmatched by TV sets.

2. The difference between housing material and appearance:

Everyone knows that TVs usually use plastic shells, which are only suitable for daily life.

However, the shell of the DNR’s Wall Mounting Digital Signage is made of aluminum and sheet metal. It is deformed without supporting combustion, and TV sets are usually made of plastic materials.

3. The network version of the LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signages is supported by remote client management software:

It can remotely control the display content through the internal network and the external network, and customize the display content at will, and can display audio and video, images, text, time, weather and other content at the same time.

As long as the network connection is established, without the need for management personnel to work on-site, all LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signage can be edited without leaving home through the background management software, and the storage devices can be uploaded, downloaded, deleted, etc.

The software also has some humanized functions such as log and data management. The TV can’t.

4. Duration of use:

Due to the difference between TV positioning and advertising machine, it is impossible for TV to work 24 hours a day, and LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signage use industrial-grade LCD screens, which can work 24 hours a day on specific occasions.

But after a TV set is used for a period of time, touching the back cover of the machine with your hand will become hot.

This is because the heat dissipation performance of the TV is not very good, so 24 hours of uninterrupted work is a big burden for the TV. It is common for LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signage to work 24 hours a day.

5. The brightness environment is different:

Since LCD Wall Mounting Digital Signages usually appear in open areas and have better lighting, it is difficult to meet the needs of the brightness of home TVs and civilian displays.
The brightness of the internal light is softer than that of the outdoor, and it is designed for indoor use.
The brightness of the TV set at 250 is enough, and the brightness of the ordinary advertising player is in the range of 350~500. Not only indoors, but many businesses also install it near the door, let alone specially created for outdoor environments.

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