The North Face, located in the Dragon Dream in Zhongshan Park, Shanghai, has ushered in the first new retail smart store upgrade.

According to the store display, it is divided into three areas: clothing, shoe wall, and fitting waiting area, and three products are customized according to the function to help The North Face’s new smart retail exploration


Shake clothes easily to get matching ideas

On the main wall of the clothing area, there is an interactive touch screen called “Shaking Clothes”, which is well versed in the way of clothing matching.

The North Face, with outdoor spirit, explore smart retail!-1

Pick up any single product and stand in front of the screen. The integrated sensor recognizes the person, and the exclusive label of the single product is sensed through RFID (Bluetooth displacement tag). The recommended matching poster will be displayed on the screen, and there are three small floating windows respectively. List the matching items, click to enter the product details page, you can link to the B2C platform to directly purchase. The equipment has a built-in self-distribution system, which will automatically sort when multiple people trigger the machine at the same time. Customers in the queue will display a single item on the screen for 7-12 seconds.


Functional shoe wall-quick distinction between mountaineering and hiking

As a professional outdoor brand, hiking, cross-country, mountaineering, tracing, leisure, snow boots…The functional classification of The North Face shoes is detailed and complex, which is a severe challenge for the shopping guide of physical stores.

The North Face, with outdoor spirit, explore smart retail!-2(1)

From the perspective of assisting shopping guides and even liberating shopping guides, customize the product classification interactive screen for its shoe wall. Pick up any shoe style, you can browse detailed product information on the screen, from the applicable scene to the material, to the place of production and recommended matching. It can also link to the e-commerce system, assist in product sales, and connect online and offline.


Destination recommendation-travel equipment in one step

At the entrance of the fitting room, there is a floor-to-ceiling interactive digital signage, so that the process of waiting for fitting is no longer boring.

According to the target customer group portraits, The North Face extracted 8 major travel destinations. Clicking on different locations will display the climate conditions of the area in the past 1-2 months and identify matching travel equipment recommended by men and women. Whether you are exploring Mount Everest or visiting London, you can find the most suitable item at The North Face.

As an outdoor sports brand, The North Face combines aesthetics and professionalism very well. In the process of building this smart store, we will dig deep into these two points. It is not only a bridge connecting online and online, but also a smart retail with an outdoor spirit starting from assisting the brand to deliver its own functional value to consumers. New exploration.