For the fast-paced quick service restaurant, efficiency is life. Understanding all meals at a glance, ordering and serving dishes efficiently and quickly, has always been the basic needs of customers. In addition to these basic needs, deeper needs (such as interaction with customers, dissemination of culture and ideas, etc.) cannot be met by traditional static display methods. Digital menus with dynamic display and interactive functions have emerged. The digital menu board provided by DNR DISPLAY can help fast food operators produce and publish dynamic display content in a shorter time, and sell more meals to more customers.

The digital menu board increases Coca-Cola's sales by 20%!-3

What can the catering industry do with digital signage?

Digital signages can display dynamic content and have a stronger visual impact, thereby more effectively influencing customers’ purchase decisions;
Dynamic display can greatly increase the sales volume of the main promoted meals;
Can quickly modify to cater to changing market conditions;
Make it possible to display detailed information such as nutrition and calories of meals;
Optimize the sales process by shortening service time;
Completely eliminate the cost of printing, transportation and replacement;
It is possible to automatically switch the display content according to the time period, event, festival, weather and other conditions.


Advantages of DNR DISPLAY fast food industry solutions


For the chain form, provide the group headquarters control system for the unified production and release of display content to maintain the consistency of the brand image;
Unique screen interactive function, powerfully attract customers’ attention, more effective than traditional static display methods;
Hundreds of dynamic templates are provided, which greatly reduces the design cost and time cost of fast food operators;
Clear decentralized management mode, the headquarters, branch offices, and stores have their own rights to manage the corresponding screens and broadcast content;
Provide smart phone applications to facilitate store staff to quickly produce and publish dynamic display content;
Widely applicable to fast food restaurants of various types and sizes;

The digital menu board increases Coca-Cola's sales by 20%!-1

Palm, let the promotion play tricks

Match marketing with the current potential needs of customers

Using DNR DISPLAY’s digital signage, you can: according to seasons, festivals, weeks, time periods, weather and other factors, adjust the display content of the digital menu board in real time and dynamically.

According to Itai Fridman, director of retail strategy for Coca-Cola’s Israel branch, after using digital signage, Coca-Cola’s sales have increased by 20% compared to before.

Not only save money, but improve core competitiveness

The DNR DISPLAY digital poster display completely saves the design (long time and costly), product, installation and distribution costs required for traditional printed materials. Not only that, the DNR DISPLAY digital poster display can also be changed instantly. Let you use new menus and add promotions anytime, anywhere. Dealing with the timeliness of the market is as simple as that.

The digital menu board increases Coca-Cola's sales by 20%!-2