Digital signage provides the retail industry with a flexible and time-sensitive platform that can attract customers’ attention to products, process inventory products in a timely manner, and can help stores establish online and offline customer networks to further promote long-term customers and service.

Digital display for retail-1


During preferential promotion activities, it is often necessary to modify commodity prices and produce promotional printed materials, from the preliminary design, production, printing, transportation, and distribution of information to the staff. The entire process requires a large amount of money. The use of digital displays not only shortens the preparation time for the event, but also saves all the expenses required for paper promotional materials.


Time benefit

The price of the product can be changed easily, conveniently and quickly. Combining with the actual situation, it will maximize the role of guiding customer consumption. For example: preferential promotion for products with excessive inventory backlog and short shelf life; recommend different products according to different time periods; recommend corresponding products through changes in weather, and so on. These are not achieved by traditional digital light boxes.


Mobile phone interaction

On the one hand, digital display screens can interact with customers’ mobile phones, invite customers to participate in promotional activities at retail outlets, and increase the attention of stores. On the other hand, through interactive games, customers can be introduced to their own service platform, so as to promote new products point-to-point and improve their customer service.


Guide customer flow

The guiding digital display can help customers understand the location structure of the store, help customers accurately find different retail stores, and help them successfully complete their shopping needs.

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