Today, the stretched bar LCD display has become the most popular in digital signage product for commercial advertising. Why the stretched bar LCD display is so popular ?

1. Wide range of applications

Bar LCD display has a wide range of applications, including buses, subways, airports, shopping malls, security monitoring command and dispatch centers, exhibition center display systems, multimedia teaching, institutions, school studios, video conference systems, multi-functional exhibition halls, entertainment venues, restaurants , Publicity display, brand store image display, TV station, corporate exhibition hall, etc.

2. High efficiency and energy saving, long service life

Bar LCD display uses high-quality aluminum substrate, which has high heat absorption and heat dissipation efficiency, and minimizes the attenuation of light-emitting diodes. Minimize the influence of backlight heating on LCD substrates, and achieve the effects of energy saving, long life, effective energy saving, and lighter and thinner products.

3. High reliability and good stability

Bar LCD display substrate adopts unique technology processing, has the characteristics of industrial LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in harsh environments.

4. Ultra-high dynamic contrast

Bar LCD display has ultra-high dynamic contrast, more saturated and brilliant color display, more three-dimensional and realistic visual effects, ultra-fast response time, unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology, and enhance the visual performance of dynamic images.

5. Excellent wide temperature operating characteristics

Bar LCD display can meet the requirements of fast start-up and clear image display in low temperature environment, and can work around the clock in natural environment temperature, which is very suitable for commercial advertising display.

6. Intelligent control to achieve the best display effect

The high-brightness Stretched bar LCD display is equipped with an automatic light-sensing controller, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image can achieve the best visual effect, and it can also realize the energy saving and extremely low aging of the product components.