With the advancement and development of science and technology, it promotes the development of the LCD display industry. It is suitable for installation in transportation, supermarkets, retail, finance, real estate, enterprises, hospitals and other venues, bringing unstoppable opportunities to businesses. Give you a brief introduction to the future development direction of the LCD strip screen.

1. Dimensions upgrade

From the perspective of demand, the logic of large-size commercial display products is very simple. Even LCD elevator advertising display, digital signages in shopping malls, product promotion screens in shopping malls, etc., are often purchased in larger sizes, and consumers are more aware of them. Therefore, each type of advertising equipment is of different sizes.

2. New retail applications

The realization of the Internet of Everything in the new retail must rely on the application of machine intelligence given by smart commercial display and various new technologies, so that traditional physical stores can continue to strengthen their greatest advantage-user experience, and have more advantages when building consumer scenes. There are many ways to let consumers enjoy it happily.

3. Diversification trend

With the development of intelligence, the industry also cares more about the sense of technology and fashion of products. In addition to larger screen displays, specific types of innovative products such as curved surfaces, transparent displays, and flexible grids have also become new favorites in the commercial display market.

4. The grand event of the whole industry chain

As an industry exhibition that accelerates the transformation of traditional display to smart display: it will create the world’s only ecological industry chain event integrating commercial display and audio-visual system integration, LED and LCD screen display, digital signage, retail science and technology and design, and advertising signs. To promote market communication and exchanges, and pave the way for the future development trend of commerical display.