With the huge market size and rapid growth rate, the new retail industry has become the next “track” of retail stores, becoming a more popular shopping scene and consumption path for people.

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Combine the needs of consumers with the supply of back-end manufacturers and connect them through digital media, so that the entire chain of products from R&D and production to terminal sales can better meet the diverse needs of consumers, so as to achieve ” The perfect state of “people”, “goods” and “fields”. Although the prospects of the new retail industry are unlimited, it places higher requirements on the display media of retail stores. The traditional single plane display can no longer carry more information. It requires interactive multimedia audio-visual integrated equipment to display products in all directions, especially for LCD displays. There is a huge demand for smart display terminal devices such as stretched bar LCD displays.

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In recent years, LCD indoor high-definition digital signage and new retail smart shelf edge displays have all won rapid growth in the field of supermarkets. DNR DISPLAY, which provides a total solution for Stretched Bar LCD Display, has made breakthroughs in innovation with the help of the development of the new retail industry, and launched a smart display specifically designed for the application needs of smart new retail, unmanned supermarkets, and smart stores in the new retail field.

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The solution breaks through the singularity of the traditional flat store display method. Through dynamic screen display, the main appeal is “design, interaction, experience”, and the scene is grafted with more cross-border elements. The entire screen area displays product information, video advertisements, and Instant information (news, weather, notifications, etc.) not only meets the emotional needs of consumers for personalization, design, etc., but also meets the value-added needs of store display video advertisements and instant information, enriches diversified experiences, and forms a new commercial space and Atmosphere.

High-definition smart shelf edge LCD display, thin and durable, more energy-saving

No matter how good it is, it is a dead letter without high-quality hardware equipment to carry it, and this is the same for new retail smart display solutions. DNR DISPLAY keeps up with the needs of the times, in order to upgrade sales from the traditional “telling style” to the fashionable “experience style”, giving consumers a better interactive experience, and taking the lead in creating higher-quality smart LCD displays.

DNR DISPLAY’s new smart shelf edge LCD display uses high-quality aluminum substrates, which have higher heat absorption and heat dissipation efficiency, which can minimize the light attenuation of the LED lamp, so that the impact of backlight heat dissipation on the LCD panel is minimized to achieve The perfect effect of saving energy and reducing consumption, prolonging the service life and being lighter and thinner.

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Self-developed background system, multiple adaptations and free control

DNR DISPLAY’s self-developed new retail smart display solution not only has high-quality hardware display devices, but also independently developed an operating system. There are multiple choices of pure display solutions, Android solutions and windows solutions to meet the diversified adaptation of new retail scenarios.

The background system is operated and controlled through the Chinese and English interface, and realizes the upload, zoom, switch and delete of the display content on the screen. You can also remotely monitor the display content and remotely issue and edit the content. The display content supports displaying images, text, video, PPT and other different format files.

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In addition, the system has a standard interface for secondary development, and customers can carry out secondary development of control software according to actual requirements.

It adopts a fully modular structure design, with good expandability and maintainability, convenient and quick module replacement, simple disassembly and expansion, long service life, short maintenance time, and easy daily maintenance.

The sales scenario with DNR DISPLAY intelligent display scheme as display terminal is becoming more and more popular. Compared with traditional physical retail, the fashionable sales space built by the smart screen of new retail can provide customers with more perfect purchasing experience through richer colors, more multidimensional information, more infectious dynamic pictures and beautiful lighting arrangement.

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The terminal scene revolution under the new retail in the future should and will surely be the window through which the LCD smart display becomes a window for communicating customers’ recognition of the value of shopping malls and products. As an LCD display manufacturer that pays more attention to the experience of end customers, DNR DISPLAY has helped the transformation and upgrading of the LCD display industry with its own accumulated R&D and manufacturing heritage, and has become a veritable “leader” in smart display solutions in the new retail industry.