How to maximize the benefits of digital signage?


Content is the most important: No matter how advanced the technology is, digital signage will not succeed if the content is bad. The content should be clear and concise. Of course, if a customer sees an advertisement for Charmin tissues while at McDonald’s and other Big Macs, this is also a failure.


The content must be lively: Try to make the viewer remember the relevant content, so as not to forget it.


Location: If the location of the screen is not noticeable (for example, hanging in the air at a height of 12 feet), then people will not look at it.


Information update: The key to the success of a small-scale broadcast network is to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. If you only replace DVD discs every month, then you are going in the opposite direction. Similarly, if you can’t simply update the price of a product item through the Internet within 15 minutes, it means that there is a problem with the digital signage platform.


Closed-loop system is very important: If you can’t prove the operation of advertising, then you will not get big benefits from your digital signage. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the broadcasting of advertisements, but also to the effects of advertisements to form a virtuous closed loop system.


Don’t rely on manual updates: people always make mistakes. Therefore, the network should be used to remotely update the system. Don’t just loop the DVD. To use the Internet to continuously update the content.


Oriented employees are still a powerful sales tool: Although most people always pay attention to the display screen first, employees who have a subconscious willingness to communicate will have a great impact on the promotion of the brand and the company’s image. We have to realize this, because the advertising board time is limited after all.


Proper sales: At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the advertisements of the merchants were blocked by users. They are looking for new places to advertise. And your store also has products of these merchant brands. So you can form a new cooperative relationship with them and make special promotions for their products in your network. This effect will be better, and the cost is lower than traditional advertising.


Don’t go against the PC industry: use industry standard equipment. Few MPEG players will not match the PC.


Plan ahead: Choose a suitable control system and make sure that the system can be continuously upgraded and updated to meet the needs of continuous business expansion in the future, without having to replace the system as a whole every time it is expanded.


Network security is more important. The system can ensure the security of the media network. In each link of data transmission, from the network administrator to the player, different software and hardware technologies are used for encryption to ensure the maximum security of the system, as shown in the figure. Comprehensive security guarantees to avoid hackers and illegal intrusions, giving you peace of mind.