When we travel on the metro, the LCD metro guide screen can be seen everywhere. The existence of the LCD metro guide screen can correctly display real-time information such as the name of the current route of the vehicle, the departure time of the first and last train, the direction of travel, and the entrance and exit of the station. Provide convenience to us who travel by metro. Today we will share with you: What are the characteristics of the metro guide screen?

Features of the on-board LCD Metro guide screen-1

The LCD metro guide screen has the characteristics of anti-shake, dust-proof and explosion-proof.

For heat dissipation, the system implements a fanless cooling mode for a highly enclosed environment to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Reliability, the system adopts a special plate-making process, and special treatment is carried out for the vibration of the circuit components and the mechanical bending of the circuit board, so that the system can have a good resistance to rigid vibration and stretching.

Power adaptability. Aiming at the factors of unstable power supply when the locomotive starts and accelerates, the system adopts an extremely wide voltage tolerance range and good power supply protection. Therefore, the system can work normally under very low pressure and decompress under high pressure, so as to realize the safe operation of the system.

Differential signal transmission. For complex electromagnetic environment and long-distance transmission of locomotives, the system performs differential processing on weak signals so that audio and video signals can be transmitted over long distances without attenuation, and relay amplification is used to ensure the signal quality after long-distance transmission.