Do you know how to use digital signage effectively? The answer seems to be simple: show eye-catching and interesting content, but it is not easy to do so. The following are 12 valuable reference suggestions:

12 suggestions for making digital signage content stand out:

1. Page duration

10-20 seconds is most appropriate. Remember: more frequent exposures are better than longer exposures.

2. Contrasting colors

Outside a certain distance, the effect of light fonts on dark backgrounds is better than that of dark fonts on light backgrounds.

3. Number of pages

10-15 is appropriate. Fast switching means that people can see more messages.

4. Readability

Larger fonts and bold fonts are easier to see from a distance.

5. “3:5 Rule”

Each page does not exceed 3 lines of text, and each line does not exceed 5 words. Each page does not exceed 5 lines of text, and each line does not exceed 3 words.

6. Attractive headline

Use catchy titles to attract attention.

7. Friendly information

To make the information push more vivid, you can use birthdays, sports news, weather, traffic, current affairs news and other content.

8. Simple font

Choose a simple and clear font. Bold, sans-serif fonts are ideal fonts for creating attractive digital signage content.

9. Stay up to date

To ensure the timeliness of the information, no one is interested in the news a few weeks ago.

10. Simple text

Keep the text simple and clear. Too complex sentences are difficult to read and understand under quick browsing.

11. Dynamic content

Don’t be limited to text, use dynamic content (such as images, videos, etc.) to attract readers’ attention.

12. Call to action

Use active voice and verbs to cause action.